flashrd binary images

These images are ready to write to disk or flash. Use cfgflashrd from the flashrd distribution to configure each image and use growimg to write them to flash.

The images here are built with a full OpenBSD distribution, plus minimal X sets. That includes base59.tgz, comp59.tgz, game59.tgz, man59.tgz, xbase59.tgz and xshare59.tgz.

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Please download the appropriate image. The images are available in PC console (keyboard, video) flavor and COM0 (tty00) flavor.

The root password is either blank (just hit enter), or it is "root" if the image was configured by cfgflashrd (com0 images).

These images are built on OpenBSD 5.9 pre-release as of 2016/02/09.

The userland images are from the 2016/02/08 snapshot, with kernel from 2016/02/09.

1GB flashrd images of OpenBSD/i386 5.9 stable [kernel 2016/02/09 userland 2016/02/08]:

1GB flashrd images of OpenBSD/amd64 5.9 pre-release [kernel 2016/02/09 userland 2016/02/08]:

Installation instructions [English] [Italiano] for flash images